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Expanding foam in Bicycle Tires

bicycle tires expanding foam

Like all types of transport that use the wheel for movement, bicycles undergo the problem of flat tire. It is quite normal for malfunction to appear when the tire has done it’s time.

Since we mentioned all types of transport using the wheel for movement, interesting fact about bicycles is that their flat tire doesn’t cause serious danger to the river. Comparing a normal fast speed of an ordinary automobile and a normal fast speed of a normal road bicycle; if flat tire occurs during driving the car, great danger threatens the driver and passengers as the car is less controllable with a flat tire; and because of the fact that the river has a time of 1 to 2 seconds to control the site-to-side movement of the car caused by the flat tire.

As Bicycle tire is concerned, the situation of a flat tire is far less dangerous. Many of the punctures tend to be very small, making the tire to lose air very slow. This way the balance of the bicycle won’t be lost in a matter of seconds, but gradually, and the rider will notice it from the harder control of the bicycle through the handle bars.
One of the simplest solutions for a flat tire to repair, or not to happen at all, is to fill it with foam. That way, instead of air coming out of the tire doe to punctuate situation, the foam fill literally stay as it is.

expanding foam bicycle tires

But fixing one problem can easily lead to another. The foam in the tiers will not benefit the comfort of the bicycle. Since the foam is hard, the ride will be very bumpy and uncomfortable for the groin area. Well, the tires won’t be too stiff; the lots of airspaces in the foam eases the rough situation looking like the tires are made of wood or filled with sand. Riding through bumps, the foam filled tire causes damage to the wheel it self; the spokes will eventually bend and causes the wheel to bend entirely.
Another problem is that a bicycle with rear foam filled tires won’t be able to carry a heavy load. This goes for the cyclists that travel long distance and have special bicycle bags attach to the rear wheel. Under that kind of pressure the rear wheel won’t be able to stay in the right position.

expanding foam bike tires

Despite all the problems that the foam filled tire can cause, the foam is great for emergency tire puncture. If you don’t have a spear tire and you’re half-way there, the foam is a great way to fix the flat tire and the bicycle is ready to go.

expanding foam tires