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History of bicycle tires

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Imagine how would a bicycle feel if it hadn’t been for the rubber tires on them? If will be the most uncomfortable feeling to your groin you have ever imagine.
When bicycles started to have their role in the world, people seemed to be more amused by the fact that there is a new type of transportation; cheap and exciting. But exciting didn’t exactly went full sense. Because the fist bicycle wheels didn’t have today’s rubber tires, it was quite uncomfortable to drive them, even considering the fact that there wasn’t much asphalt.
The first solution to tires was iron bands attached to the wooden wheels. These iron bands made a small change for riding comfort. A simple solution, and quite logical one, came in 1887 when a Scot by the name of John Boyd Dunlop made a pneumatic tire for his son’s bicycle. The reason was simple; he’s son complained about headaches he got form riding the bicycle. Dunlop used rubber on the tires to soften the ride and contribute to comfort while driving. He patented in 1888.Unfortunately, later on Dunlop’s patent of rubber tires was declared as irrelevant because a fellow Scot by the name of Robert William Thomson has already patented it in 1846 in France and 1847 in USA.

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However, we can give credit to Dunlop for realizing that rubber has great resilience when it is used for a bicycle tire. In 1889, Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co. Ltd was founded and soon after in 1890 it started using tough canvas layer for lesser punctures.
Throughout the years the bicycle tire has underwent significant changes.
In 1891 a removable pneumatic tire was patent by the Michelin brothers. This tire was used by Charles Terront who won the long distance cycle race – Paris – Brest- Paris. This was the first race of its kind. From a simple bicycle tire, the rubber usage has spread to automobile tires. It is interesting to say that today’s automobile tires are descendants of bicycle tires.
For every type of bicycle there is a specific type of tire that goes with it. A tire that smoothes the riding experience and doesn’t take away the comfort and excitement while driving. There are tires specialy for road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, Hybrid, and single-speed bikes. Mountain bikes enthusiasts and adrenalin junkies go even further. It seems that mountains are overcome challenge so they what to pedal on ice or snow. To do that more efficiently, they attach spikes on the bike for firm grip, proving that there are can be no limits to bicycle adventure.

history of bicycle tires

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history of bicycles and bicycle tires

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history of bicycle tires


Cheapest Bicycle Tires

It is always necessary to have spear parts. They are crucial elements of riding a bike whatever the type or tour. Probably the most vulnerable part of all bicycle elements is the tire.
As you cycle down the road, the asphalt is full of visible debris. Visible debris is easy to notice and avoid, but there are many small pieces of unwelcome dirt on the track. Pieces like broken glass, which can cause the smallest puncture in the rubber and eventually will lead to flat tire; for the mountain bikers, stuff like small thorns on the trail or small pieces of fallen branch; and etc. This leads to the need of a quality tire that will be able to endure all that dangerous exposure.
Professional mountain bikers, training for a dangerous trail race provide themselves with good set of bicycle tires, preferably cheap. That way they can sharpen skills and try some more risk-taking moves or track.
cheap bicycle tires

cheap bicycles tires

cheap bicycle tires on internet

cheap bike tires

cheapest bicycle tires

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There are many cheap bicycle tires in the market. Nowadays it’s much more usual to find cheap bicycle tires on the internet, reasonable discounts. The list below presents some of the cheapest bicycle tires offers, with great quality
Road Bike Tires:
Continental Ultra Gatorskin (700c)-Virtually impenetrable road bike tire suitable for training, touring, or commuting. 700c sizes. $34.95(lowered from:$45.00)
Michelin Krylion Carbon Tire-$39.95(lowered from $59.99)

Racing Road Tires:
Vredestein Fortezza TriComp $47.95(lowered from $65.99)
Michelin Pro3 Race Tire$49.95(lowered from $65.50)

Commuter/City Bike Tires:
Innova Swiftor City Tire – $19.95
Michelin Country Rock Tire – $22.95 (lowered from:$25.49)
Mountain Bike Tires:
Kenda Kross Plus 26×1.95″ Tire- A great combination tire for street and trail- $16.95(lowered from $19.99)
Kenda Nevegal Mountain- $39.95(lowered from $49.95)
Recumbent Tires:
Kenda Kwest-$18.95(lowered from List Price: $19.99)
Continental Contact Tire- $31.45(lowered from $34.95)

Nu-Teck presents tires that are flat-proof and leak proof tires. Thousands of microscopic air cells are part of the tough polyurethane resulting in a lightweight, durable and easy to roll. Advertising even suggests that you don’t have the need of a pump; this tire is able to endure hard damage made from thorns, nails and broken glass. The process of production of these Micro-Cellular Polyurethane tires is considered as very unique.
The following list is the cheapest bicycle tires that come from this line of production
Nu-Teck 700 X 20 HP Speed Airless Tire $40.95
Nu-Teck 26 x 2.0 Mountain HP Bike Airless Tire $31.98
Nu-Teck 24 X 2.0 (27mm) Street Airless Tire $31.50
Nu-Teck 27 X 1-1/4 ROAD/ALL-PURPOSE Bike Airless Tire$27.98
Nu-Teck 26″ X 1.9 MOUNTAIN/HYBRID On Road – Slick$27.95


Bicycle tires – tubeless

Back in the days when the tubeless tires were suppose to be the product of the new era; there was a big fuss about it. Anyways it was said that they could leap a small building on their own and when you get home you can get a back massage by them. Of course none of that is true and the industry blamed the “not fulfilling of the costumers expectations” on the press.
tubeless bicycle tires
In this article you’ll here the true benefits of the tubeless bicycle tires without the marketing tricks. The tubeless tire bicycle system means that the tires lack the inner tube. This original UST system was developed by Michelin, Mavic and Hutchinson. This system consists of a rim-bed that doesn’t lead the air escape. In here a high pressurized UST tire is molded into the rim inflated with air (60psi) which locks the tire to the rim and creates an air tight seal. Afterwards you can lower the pressure from 28 to 40 psi and enjoy the ride. Also today there are people that try to make a tubeless system by using a regular rim and a regular tire. But the UST system is the only one that is intended to run with under 40 psi while of course the random tires and rims aren’t (they go over 40 psi).
bicycle tires tubeless
Of course the market offers a lot of tubeless bicycle tires, but if you ask me I think that the inventors of the UST system (Mavic, Michelin and Hutchinson) are the best in the tubeless tire production.
This tire is the self invented tubeless system that I was talking about in the upper lines. The Stan’s No Tubes the Raven UST Tubeless Cyclocross Bicycle Tire – 700 x 35 – BT23 can be found on the market for $62.39. The Wilderness Trail Bikes WierWolf UST Tubeless Tire – 26 x 2.1 can be found for $59.00. The Michelin DH 15 Hard Terrain Mountain UST Tubeless Bicycle Tire – 26×2.1 can be found for $45.99. Irc Mibro Ust Tubeless Mountain Bike Tire that can be found for $49.95. Also here you have cheaper ones like the Arrow Racing Savage 26×2.6 Tubeless Bike Tire for $12.93, the Kenda Nevegal tubeless bike tires with 2.1″ width for $38.99 etc.
bicycle tires tubeless

Of course everything depends on your personal choice and pocket. If you are ready to spend more money why not try the best but if you are just exploring find a cheaper ones see if they fit your demands and go for the more expensive.


Bicycle tubular tires

Before we begin with giving tips about the tubular tires I would like to explain what a tubular tire is. A tubular tire is a bicycle tire that is stitched close to the inner tube in that way that it forms a torus. This combination is glued with a two sided tape onto a rim that is specially designed. Although it is a tire that requires a lot of work (when you get a flat you’ll have to get the tire removed from the rim, open it up. Patch the hole than get it back on the rim and glue it), it is continually used for indoor track racing and professional road racing. Also other advantage of these tubular tires is that it can hold off a great air pressure (25 to 200 psi). Also when these tires go flat at high speed they can’t just roll off the rim because they are tightly glued onto the rim.

Nowadays the market offers different types of bicycle tubular tires. Like the continental Olympic Skinwall Tubular Treck Bicycle Tire. This is as they say “the choice of the Olympics” and “the best you can get from a bicycle tubular tire”. Well it must be the best when you’ll spend $320 for it. The Tufo T34 Pro Cross Tubular Cyclocross Bicycle Tire – Black/Red – 700 x 34. This type of tire is good for cyclocross and it costs around $88.

Also you can think about the Vittoria Corsa Evo KX Tubular Road Bike Tire – 28″ x 21mm – 2008 Closeout. These tubular tires are great for road biking enthusiasts for around $54. The handmade Italian Veloflex Roubaix Tubular Racing Bicycle Road Tire is used by many international cyclists in their racing. This costs around $96. The Vittoria Rally Tubular Tire is your every day tubular tire and you can get it for a bit lower of $24. Also a tubular tire that is driven by many cyclists in their search for victory is the Continental Competition tubular tire. It has a long list of recommendations from all over the world and you can ride on it for $95. The Challenge Volcano Tubular Road Bicycle Tire – Full Black – 700 x 22 – 10901 can be found for the excellent price of $28 but they are training tubular bicycle tires.
In my opinion the Continental is the best brand that the market offers at this time. Not everything is expensive their prices vary and you can find tubular tires for any purpose.
bicycle tubular tire
bike tubular tire
tubular tire for bicycles


Bicycle tires 27 inch

The 27 inch bicycle tires represent the old school in the bicycling industry. These are the type of tires that were characteristically for the bikes made in the late 70’s, 80’s and were used on the 10 speed bicycles. As the bicycling industry changed so did the trends in the usage of tires. But, lately an astonishing fact has appeared. In the U.S. the sale of the 27 inch tires has grown up to 200 percent. I guess that people are dusting off their old bikes, getting them out of their garages and starting to use them again.
Pair of 27 inch bicycle tires
27 inch bicycle tires
Of course nowadays there are different types of tires depending on what type of performance you need.
If you are getting ready for training, than you would definitely find the Vittoria Zaffiro 27’’ road tire in handy. It has a low rolling resistance and a great grip for the cost of $15.95. You can get the Kendra K35 27” tire for $12.95 which is good for all around road use. If you are a passionate lover of bikes and you get around the city peddling than you need something more durable like the Schwalbe Marathon 27”. It’s a bit more expensive but it pays off for $27.95.
Also the above mentioned are not the only type of 27” on the market. There are also several few that were tested and recommended by professionals. Vittoria Rubino Tech II rides nice and clean and the all black tires make sure that you won’t slip ridding over wet ground. You can find this recommended tire for $29.99. Also for the price of $34.99 you can get the Continental Ultra Gatorskin that is suitable for those who don’t like to change flats and you won’t “loose any air” if you try ridding it over broken glass. The minimal tread in Panaracer Passela allows you a smooth and easy ride for the price of $17. 99. If you are a fast peddler and an “all field” kind of rider than you definitely can get the All Condition Armadillo for $50. Let me remind you that you get miles and miles of flat free tires. But if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain than you would definitely would like to ride on the 27” Michelin world tour tire for $15.95.
Bicycle tires 27 inch
bicycle tires 27 inch
If you continue on we’ll need days to complete the list of 27” tires for bicycle. Don’t be afraid to research and make sure that you get the tires that best suit your requirements.