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Category: Stationary bike

Smoothie Bike for a fun, healthy lifestyle experience

Have you heard about Smoothie bike? It is a strange invention, actually stationery bikes equipped with extra blenders that reels when you pedal and blends the tasty fruit smoothies quickly. You will want to put the blender with fruit, and pedal away for one or two minutes. Fine! Healthy and delicious pedal powered fruit smoothie is ready!

You can make a tasty smoothie now! Just hire one smoothie bike for your event and the company will provide you with one smoothie bike, fruit and juice aspects, a smoothie bar, cup and straw and an experienced staff to accompany you from start to finish. You just do pedaling and the staff will encourage your attendees to come and involve the event.

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Injuries To the Knee From Cycling

Cycling is a highly repetitive form of sport. Riders are frequently affected by repetitive strain injury, in particular to the knee. Knee pain cycling derived is commonplace among cyclists, and if left untreated can be debilitating and extremely painful.

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Stationary Bike Stand for Riding Indoors

Stationary Bike Stand

There is a simple way to convert your bicycle to an aerobic exercise machine in the comfort of your home. The specialized stand uses a quite simple procedure to make the bicycle stationary, meaning not mobile at all, but it works the same 100 % as on the road.

The main purpose of the stationary bike stand is aero-cardio and muscle workout. This is a great way to strengthen your lower body muscles; exercising them the right way gives them more power and provides you longer stamina. While working out, the legs are not the only one exercising; the lungs, the heart, blood flow, all these play their part to upgrade your fitness capabilities.

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Riding stationary bike for exercise

If you are one of those who think it is a hard time they took up some exercise hobby on daily basis it is positive that you have already decided that the process of working out will be in the comfort of your home which is a very wise decision because in your own home you are the person to dictate the weather conditions and the temperature, not the atmosphere, you can exercise while not missing your favorite TV program and you will not feel embarrassed because nobody else will know how it looks like when you are sweating and you do not have to hide those circles which can be quite unpleasant from anybody and you can relax and enjoy the benefits your body is experiencing when working out in the comfort of your home, without having to look for roads and paths optimal for your ride, without having to choose your exercise clothes with great attention, which means saving lots of time.

Riding stationary bike for exercise

The real dilemma you are facing surely is whether to choose aerobic exercises or buy a piece of fitness equipment. The negative aspect of doing aerobic exercises is that you will exhaust yourself extremely and you will feel like eating and consume back the calories you have burned, plus it is not good for your heart. Therefore the perfect solution is purchasing a workout machine which will be easy to use and not much space consuming. All these characteristics lead us to the choice of a stationary bike as your perfect means of exercise.

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Girl riding stationary bike

Riding a stationary bike is a physical activity which is not too exhausting yet it is very good for the overall health. Using solely your energy as a source of power makes this workout machine not too exhausting and it is perfect for women and girls of all ages.

Girls and women find this way of exercising very useful and easy to endure and it also helps them strengthening their bones, toning their muscles and improving the blood circulation of the body.

Girl riding stationary bike

Why do we mention girls and women in particular? First riding a stationary bicycle is an easy way to work out on daily basis and as almost every physical activity it is crucial in the process of the strengthening of the bones and unlike jogging or running on a treadmill riding a stationary bicycle is kind to the female fragile joints.

Now you surely wonder why a girl in particular should be engaged in the process of strengthening the bones while still a girl or teen. Well, we know that girls and women are known to be of a rather petite skeletal frame and their bones are lighter and more sensitive than that of boys are. The condition called osteoporosis is a medical condition where the bones lose minerals and vitamins crucial for their development faster than the body can produce these minerals.

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Benefits of riding a stationary bike

A stationary bike is a piece of equipment one can find in almost every household and most workout machines one can find at the gym are derived from the stationary bike. Just take a better glance at the entire workout equipment, most workout machines are both in design and function very similar to the stationary bike. This did not happen by accident but apparently the designers of workout equipment from throughout the world have dedicated their time and focus on discovering all the benefits of this machine and the benefits are many.

riding a stationary bike

The first of the many benefits is that a stationary bike is a piece of workout equipment which is very easy to use. The mechanism of functioning is so simple, you will just have to get on it and exercise by rotating the pedals, the very same philosophy as riding a real bike only the potential risk of losing the balance and get injured comes to a zero.

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Calories burned when riding a stationary bike

In case you belong to the huge group that has decided to take up some measures for losing weight, the best piece of advice one can give you is to practice healthy nutrition regime and 20-60 minutes of physical activity each day. By healthy food we mean consuming products rich of vitamins, minerals and low in sugar, fat and carbs. Now, if you are a person obsessed with calorie counting of each and every product you consume, we cannot say it is the wisest thing to do, nevertheless, it is a habit of which there is no escape if it is once developed. Now, what to do when you simply consume more calories than planned? That is where the workout part comes in.

Calories burned riding stationary bike

Calories burned riding stationary bike

And there is no better, more efficient, and harmless way to burn calories day without fearing that you will get injured than riding a bicycle from 20 minutes to an hour each day.

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