Cargo Bikes in Europe – Facts


Cargo bikes or bicycles are great way to move things around in a fast, cheap and clean way.

In the past few years a new class of cargo bicycles emerged on the streets of big, crowded and polluted European cities. They are fast, thanks to electric drive which can provide autonomy of 20 to 30 miles or 30 to 40 km per battery charge. Battery can be fully charged within 2 or 3 hours depending of the technology which is used for battery production. This bikes are clean and cheap way to commute in the city. Charging the battery from the city electrical network cost less than 10 cents.

Let’s see the facts:

FedEx uses electric cargo trike for deliveries in Paris, France.

fedex is using electric bikes for delivery in paris

The Big Dummy is non electric bicycle designed for carrying cargo.
Big dummy surly

TREK has designed a nice looking fully equipped electric cargo bike. Although it comes with a quite expensive price it is worthy to mention it here.
trex electric cargo bike

Yuba elMundo electric cargo bicycle. With a price of $2.600 it is quite expensive bike. Anyway if you can afford to buy this electric cargo bicycle you can enjoy battery charging price of 3 to 5 cents. Electric motor is 500 watt strong and can deliver a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Battery is good for 15 to 25 miles autonomy depending of how much electric assist you will need.
Yuba elMundo electric cargo bicycle price

Thrust Electric Bike company have a message for me, you and anybody who need a really serious delivery solution: Go Electric Power and eliminate oil, gas & pollution
Thrust ECO/DELIVERY E-bikes offer professionally engineered electric powered delivery solution that increases customer profits, saves time, gets noticed and creates Zero pollution. This guys from Trust really did their homework. I really hope we will see more of this bikes on the streets in our cities. Remember! Any of this bikes means one gas powered car less on the streets.
trust electric cargo bike delivery solution


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