Family Biking

Family Biking for All Family Members (even the youngest one)

If we know today that biking is clean and healthy transportation choice than we should engage fully into it not only by ourselves but also with our whole family.
We should buy or borrow equipment for all members of the family, regardless of their age, and hence, educate them more thoroughly about right life choices. One could dress up all fit children properly (helmet, bike, shoes, …) and go for a river stroll, or easy biking on the sea level roads for couple of miles.
Even youngest children with proper bikes (regularly serviced and oiled, helmets on) can endure several miles bike route without even the slightest problem.
My personal experience involves 12 km route on slowly elevating road, which my oldest son had biked without any problem whatsoever (afterwards a good hydration is in order, of course).
These times can be really stressful, especially for young parents without big support, but weekend biking tours are god-given gift to all of us, easily and cost-efficiently maintained, and all you have to do is actually organize and motivate family members for engaging in these recreational sports which also emphasize family bonding in a way no one could predict it.
Highly recommended activity for all families!
I can only hope that this post will thrust you into joys and happiness of biking!

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